~ Summerlicious 2012: My Top 10 Picks ~

1) Canoe
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/fRC6C
Note: What is a -licious event without Canoe? A must visit!!

2) Lai Wah Heen
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info:  http://goo.gl/hbhnU
Note: Lots of buzz. Been meaning to go…

3) Bymark
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/nifYF
Note: Located a few floors below Canoe, heard good things.

4) Kirei Sushi + Bar
Price: $15 Lunch/$25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/CtXed
Note: Lunch option looks like a good deal.

5) Colborne Lane
Price: $45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/AnENR
Note: Buzz with some mixed reviews. Might be worth a visit..

6) The Wine Bar
Price: $15 Lunch/$25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/col5p
Note: Surprisingly popular

7) Lucien
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/huxzf
Note: Consistent good reviews

8) Grappa Ristorante
Price: $25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/wiRDR
Note: Like the Italian menu, Spaghetti alle Vongole anyone? 

9) Zucca Trattoria
Price: $35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/MqhfC
Note: Good reviews but order the Italian dishes

10) Anonna
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/RBsx8
Note: Good buzz but not popular. Possible unfound gem? 


1) ViBo
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: Info: http://goo.gl/uk5QL

2) Sassafraz
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/nl8x2

3) Luma
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/4jsHD

4) PURE SPIRITS Oyster Bar
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/Hqvaq

5) Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Price: $45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/mFGfs

Vacation Recap & Questions

Hi foodie readers!

As you probably know I’m back from vacay. I was wondering if you guys would be open to me adding a travel section or maybe just making another blog about travelling? I don’t travel too often, so this would not be updated a lot but I take tons of pictures and I can give detailed tips on what to do or see. I really need some feedback to motivate me, so hope to hear some comments soon!

Now for my recent vacation, I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and here are some pictures I took.

  1. Hanauma Bay was definitely a highlight in my trip. I loved snorkelling and seeing all the fishes.
  2. I know the hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii but I wanted to add one of Plumeria (aka Frangipani) since it’s one of my favourite flowers.
  3. As for the third picture, yes that is me trying to make fire from wooden sticks! Haha
  4. Ala Moana Beach Park, its right across the street from the Ala Moana Shopping Center
  5. Ala Moana Shopping Center – Central mall in Hawaii, almost 300 stores and restaurants.
  6. Lanikai Beach

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