Summerlicious – PROHIBITION Gastrohouse and Oyster Bar ★★1/2

Price: Over $15+ I went with a group of my foodie friends for a $15 Summerlicious lunch at PROHIBITION Gastrohouse. Decided to try this place out after seeing the popular reviews on Urbanspoon. It was a bit far for me … Continue reading

Lim Ga Ne Restaurant – Bloor ★★★

Price: $10+

Surprised at this restaurant’s apparent anonymity as its located near Owl of Minerva and right across the famed Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu restaurant. I had to suggest this restaurant to Urbanspoon, so for further reviews try Yelp or Google reviews. If you have trouble finding it, the outside exterior has orange signage and the interior is simply decorated with wooden furnishings. It’s a bit plain but typical of a cheap Asian restaurant, where food and affordability is the emphasis not decor.

I have been on a Korean food binge lately and came across Lim Ga Ne while in the area. Decided to come with my family because my mom wanted to try a variety of Korean dishes (she likes to cook). The first dish we received was a complimentary pancake appetizer, a nice yummy touch I appreciated. Then we had the bibimbap I usually love to order, which I sadly did not love at this restaurant. Felt it was a bit bland and missing a certain “jena se quai” – Korean style. Our third dish was hot noodles, also fine but nothing I would usually order as I typically eat that at home.

It was during this food fest that the bowls of rice my mom ordered arrived, we were given black rice aka purple/jasmine rice. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it is like sticky rice and has lots of nutrients. Black rice is something new to me as well but I would recommend trying it. 🙂

Finally we reach my last dish, the samgapsal! For about $35, you can get this combo with a complimentary stew. I chose kimchi stew because I love kimchi and thought it might taste good. I was wrong, so wrong. I would not recommend this when ordering, it tasted like kimchi and water… JUST THAT. However, the samgapsal was really good! The meat’s tender and soft, definitely filling for two or three people. Wrap up the meat with lettuce and kimchi, dip in sauce provided and let the foodie-liciousness of it take over! 😀

Service was good, my table was taking a long time to order but our server was nice enough not to show her impatience. Especially since it got noticeably busier later on.

Overall, I would definitely visit again if just for the samgapsal and rice dishes. I do suggest making reservations if you plan on dining in the evening though, I think it gets busier then.

Dress code: Casual, nice for friends and family. You will particularly enjoy it if you are familiar with the Korean language and pop culture. They only play Korean shows on their Television. No subs!! Haha.

Website: N/A
Location: 692 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 2T9
Telephone: (416) 535-0345
Hours: N/A

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Lim Ga Ne Restaurant on Urbanspoon

To-Ne Sushi ★★1/2

Price: Under $20

I remember passing by this place on a particularly cold and windy day. Came in to escape from the weather and just found out this place is apparently popular given the number of reviews on Urbanspoon.

My friend had some wonton soup, which was okay but a bit bland and I didn’t think there were enough wontons inside so its lucky they weren’t too hungry to begin with. I tried one of the maki combo sets with soup and it was very filling. Their sushi passes my sushi standards so I would recommend trying it (note – they even provide real ginger! Surprising cause I didn’t think you got that at this price point). I also liked the food presentation for my sushi, a very cute flower pot was placed on my plate. Haha. Again, I do admit my love for cute things adds a few bonus points when I write a review. However, I am not too sure about the soups as I found them to be a bit bland.

Over all, I can’t say it is amazing but it will satisfy your typical sushi craving! Worth a visit if you’re in the area and craving some inexpensive sushi.

Dress code: casual. Good for casual dates and lunches with friends or family. I don’t think it’s formal enough for anything business related though.

Website: N/A
Location: 414 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON M5V
Telephone: (416) 866 – 8200
Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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To-ne Sushi on Urbanspoon