Winterlicious 2018: My Top 10 Picks

Hey Toronto Foodies,

A little late this year with my Winterlicious list but it has been surprisingly frustrating getting reservations this time.

It was pretty hard to find a restaurant that 1) served Winterlicious lunch on a weekend, 2) I have not been to already and 3) had good reviews for the most part.

I have been to a lot of restaurants in the past so my search was definitely limiting.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Ricarda’s
    • Note: Dined here for a Summerlicious lunch over a weekend and enjoyed myself. Tried a promotional flight of drinks too which was nice and included 3 glasses from options such as ice wine, white and red wines. I believe the TV show Suits filmed here as well.
  2. Carbon Bar.
    • Note: Only has Winterlicious dinner but reviews look good. I might check this restaurant out on a regular day.
  3. Biff Bistro
    • Note: I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for ages but it only has Winterlicious weekend dinner.
  4. Cactus Club Cafe
    • Note: I have been to this restaurant a few times and liked the butternut squash soup or duo (ask how many pieces you get for appetizer), feenie burger and chocolate mousse.
  5. Estiatorio Volos
    • Note: Again, another restaurant I was unable to book because they only do weekend Winterlicious dinner. Check in on your Yelp app for a free appetizer.
  6. The Queen and Beaver Public House
    • Note: Reviews seem good and it looks like a nice pub/brunch spot.
  7. Wickson Social
    • Note: Enjoyed the drinks here, have not tried food but it could be a more affordable casual option.
  8. Miku
    • Note: Never been but a coworker recommended it. Miku has good reviews as well on Yelp.
  9. Kasa Moto
    • Note: Tried dinner here before and its not bad. If you like their Winterlicious menu, give this place a chance. Usually on the pricier side so it would be an opportune time to try.
  10. Insomnia.
    • Note: A solid good brunch pick, I’ve been there a few times. I love the eggs benedict. Recommend!
  11. Bonus Pick – Noce Restaurant
    • Note: Never been to this restaurant but I will be doing my own Winterlicious lunch here. Not too many reviews but from what I read, most of them are positive.

Again, please double or even triple check that your restaurant choice is participating during the weekend if that is your availability. Looking at you Bar Buca! I once made reservations there for a Licious lunch and the staff said they do weekend when they don’t. Happened to not just me but another table who was sitting nearby.

Hope you find my recommendations useful!

La Societe Bistro ★★★

Price: $20-30+ depending on what you order.

I ate here a while ago with a friend for dinner and just never had the chance to review it till now. Came across this place as I usually do, impulsively and conveniently, haha. Anyways, ended up ordering the 8oz. Hamburger for $16 (included fries, cheese is $2 extra). The hamburger was good and fries were okay. Just not sure its worth basically $20.

I have to say, I found this place pricey for what it serves. As I mentioned before, they charge $2 to put on a slice of cheese for your burger. Um, okaaayyy… Moving on, service is alright but slow (understandable when I went because it was for an event and really crowded). Won’t decide about service until I probably visit another time.

Appearance wise, it is nice. Stained glass ceiling in dining area with low lighting and comfy booths. I was eating in the bar & lounge area, which has a few booths and a lot of high table seating. Good for dinner dates and meals with friends or family, generally an older set crowd dines here. Dress code: semi-casual? Jeans are okay.

Just found out this place has oysters for $1.00 on Thursdays after 5pm in the bar and lounge. So I will probably come again sometime in the future. If anyone tries this, let me know. Also curious if the oysters are from Oyster Boy or not.

Address: 131 Bloor Street West. Unit 211. Toronto, ON M5S 1R1
Telephone: (416) 551 – 9929
Monday to Thursday: 11:30am-11pm, Friday: 11:30am-12am, Saturday: 11am-12am, Sunday:11am-11pm.

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