Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I will try to continually update here to address your questions and concerns.

Why did you name your blog Toronto Foodie? 
Why name my blog “Toronto Foodie”? What does “foodie” even mean? A foodie is an amateur who simply loves to eat food and know about food-related news. I basically live in Toronto too so I will be addressing restaurants in that area. Hence, the name “Toronto Foodie”

What is Toronto Foodie’s rating system?
I admit there is no scientific system for my rating, I made the rating system myself as a way to give readers a rough sense of how I liked the restaurant. I base my criteria on restaurant appearance, service, food taste and presentation. Reviews can be skewed with my tastes in mind too. I don’t like overly spicy food and am particularly fond of sweets!

★★★★★ = Foodie Goodness!
★★★★ = Yummy
★★★ = Good
★★ = Okay
★ = Eh

What makes Toronto Foodie different?
The reviews in Toronto Foodie are written from my perspective and personal tastes. I am not a certified food critic or expert. All reviews (unless I clearly state them) are made without any compensation. See my policies if this is still unclear.

Will you have guest writers? 
This is an interesting idea a few of you have suggested. If I decide to have a guest writer, I would either have to know them personally or see samples of their writing. Preferably if they are a foodie blogger posting about similar interests. This would give me a better understanding of their writing style and tastes.

Explain your own writing style.
I guess my own writing style is very to the point and sometimes abrupt? (according to some reader feedback). However, I will try to improve and add a more conversational tone to my future posts. Possibly even a dash of my sarcastic self-deprecating humour?  Though that might be hard to express online. I could just come across as mean! Haha.

How did you get so many readers? Tips for aspiring bloggers?
Thanks for the compliment! I don’t know how much help I can provide as I am a novice blogger as well but one thing I know is to continuously update your blog no matter what topic your content is. Another is to add social plugins and ask friends to spread the word about your site. Even visiting other blogs and commenting on posts could generate some traffic, as authors and their followers might be curious about you too.

An important tip to keep in mind when posting and commenting is: “kill them with kindness”! This is just an expression but a very apt one because you never know who is reading your blog. Remember, once you post online its there forever.

What host and design do you use for your website?
I use WordPress.com and whatever current theme I have at the moment is indicated at the bottom of the blog. Please do not ask me again in other posts, I will count it as spam. Thanks!

What are the banners/widgets you added? 
I decided to change the right hand side bar a little by adding a Dining Date Night, Pinterest, Foodbuzz and Bloglovin banner. Pingerest, Foodbuzz and Bloglovin are other social networks I am a part of that you are welcome to join or add/follow me.

While, Dining Date Night is actually a referral program I am participating in. If you sign up through my blog and/or make a reservation at one of the participating restos, I get a little commission. Any proceeds will be credited or go to up-keeping the blog. You can check out the program here: http://www.diningdatenight.com/blog/

Images and format are not showing well on FireFox and Internet Explorer, can you fix this?
After digging around, I think the problem may be due to the theme I am using. I use my WordPress blog on Safari so I have never experienced this problem before and it fine on my FireFox 11.0 version too. If you are experiencing problems on FireFox, please check what version you have and update it. Perhaps that will fix the problem. As for Internet Explorer, I don’t have it so if someone could check my blog on that, I would appreciate it.

I will change my theme if it remains a problem for some of you so please leave a comment or email me at torontofoodie.info@gmail.com.

Would you be interested in link backs? 
Hesitant to do so but I might with a reputable foodie source. I will not accept any website not posting about food.

Why don’t you add pictures?
Most of my posts should have pictures included. However, any posts without them means I don’t have any to add at the moment.

When do you upload posts?
I will try to post once every week or so, whether it is a review, personal update or foodie news. If I am unable to post for a long period, I will send out a notification.

I made a comment and noticed it has not immediately been posted. Why is that?
I actually changed my settings so its now easier to post comments, you may even see it right away. However, the same rules apply. I will look at all comments to check for spam and any inappropriate language. I will not edit comments, as long as they are polite. I’m all for free speech but it doesn’t necessarily mean being rude. I want to build a foodie community where everyone can enjoy Toronto Foodie. So if your comments follow this and you don’t see your comment posted right away, don’t worry…its just because I haven’t had the chance to approve it yet. 😀

  • Note – Keep comments in clear understandable English, I cannot approve it otherwise.

I believe I followed the rules but why don’t I still see my comments?
If you made a legitamite comment and did not provide any promotional links or spam, you may have been caught mistakenly by Askmit.

  • TIP: Stay away from generic comments or  inappropriate language, comments will either be caught by Askmit or removed. 

I mistakenly clicked “follow comments” and now I’m getting too many emails. How can I change it?
I have changed settings for commenters so there is no longer this option. Perhaps if you just delete your comment and then write your comment again? Hopefully that will work. Let me know if this is still a problem by either commenting on this post or emailing me at torontofoodie.info@gmail.com.

Your duplicated your posts or copy them.
Toronto Foodie is my expression of love towards food and my thoughts on the best and worst restuarants Toronto has to offer. All my posts and pictures are done by myself and if there are pictures from another website, I would cite them. Please don’t accuse me of copying them from somewhere without proof, provide a link of where you saw a similar post. Thanks.

Besides this blog, where else can I connect with Toronto Foodie?
You can follow Toronto Foodie through the official fan page and twitter! Please “Like” the fan page, I update more personal posts there. While my blog is strictly for reviews and big events happening.
Fan Page – www.facebook.com/TorontoFoodie
Twitter – twitter.com/TO_Foodie

I am new to Toronto, would you be willing to provide a few recommendations on restaurants and things to do?
I would love to! Just send me an email and be as specific as possible in dates, tastes, interests and budget. Please give me more than a few days notice, preferably a week or more. I may not see your email in time otherwise and then, consequently would feel horrible for letting you down. 😦

How can I thank you for helping me?
I do this for the love of foodie blogging and to just generally share thoughts concerning foods.

I would appreciate if you “like” my fan page, followed my twitter and subscribed to emails. It would also be nice if you could mention me to friends and family! Just doing those things would be enough thanks for me.

How can I contact you?
Please email me at torontofoodie.info@gmail.com or write on the Facebook Fan Page