Summerlicious 2015: My Top 10 Picks

Wow, time flies! Licious is back for July 3 to 26. Prix fixe menus vary from $18, $23, $28 for lunch and $25, $35, $45 for dinner.

For some reason though, I’m just not feeling my typical foodie excitement this time. Whether, it is from the lack of new participating restaurants, price increase or just menus I don’t find too appealing. I’m feeling a bit blasé about it.

However, Licious is an annual tradition I organize with some friends so I didn’t want to forgo it all together. Decided to just go with one restaurant and Rosewater was chosen by popular vote. I dined at Rosewater for Winterlicious a while back and on a regular night, receiving good service and food on both occasions. This year was the same, though I was a bit disappointed by some of the items on the menu. Read my Rosewater review here.

Here is a list of my suggestions below:

1) ONE Restaurant
Price: $28 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Note: Still at the top of my list! Been here for Summerlicious 2014 lunch and a media dinner. Wanted to try this place again but it was too hard to organize because they only take weekday reservations for Licious. However, ask for patio seating  if you are dining there. That’s the place to see and be seen. Also, I remember they were looking to hire a whole new kitchen staff last summer so I haven’t had a chance to see any menu changes or taste what food is like now.

2) Marben
Price: $23 Lunch/ $35 Dinner
Note: Was here for an event in June and liked the burgers and Dark N’ Stormy drinks. Yum! Their risotto is also good but because of my personal preferences, I wasn’t a total fan.

3) Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge
Price: $18 Lunch/ $25 Dinner
Note: Menu looks really good! I was actually going to book a reservation with them but the person who took my information didn’t have their Licious book with them so couldn’t book a reservation right then. They said they would call me back, but never did. I will probably check them out on a regular day instead.

4) America
Price: $28 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Note: Menu looks interesting. I went to the restaurant’s opening event and found food to be pretty good. The restaurant turns into a lounge at night with bottle service available.

5) Rosewater
Price: $23 Lunch/$35 Dinner

Note: On the fence with this one. Still a good Licious pick but not as great as my last dining experience there. Recommend the Iceberg Lettuce, Ravioli, Duck Breast and Steak Frites. For a detailed review click here.

6) Biff’s Bistro
Price: $23 Lunch/ $35 Dinner
Note: If you are a fan of restaurants such as Canoe, Auberge du Pommier, and Bannock then you might be interested in this restaurant. Biff’s Bistro is also part of the O&B chain.

7) Tabule
Price: $18 Lunch/ $25 Dinner
Note: Still interested in this restaurant after I tried some of their samples at a food expo event. I think this is a great choice if you are on a budget.

8) Copa Cabana
Price: $45 Dinner
Note: If you love meat, try this place! Went here for a friend’s birthday dinner and you will for sure come out stuffed with a variety of meats. Haha. Grab a plateful of the pineapple dessert too, it is delicious! Also, there is an error on the website. The interior of 150 Eglinton Ave is different then the picture provided, that is for their new 230 Adelaide Street W location.

9) Canoe
Price: $28 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Note: Low on my list because I’ve been here a few times already (both for licious and on regular nights). If this is your first foray into Licious or if you are looking to impress – you can’t go wrong with this restaurant. My only complaint is be careful of dining during their busier times. Last time I visited, food was still good but I noticed service was not as attentive. Not trying to be picky but they are suppose to be one of the top restaurants in Toronto so my expectations are understandably higher.

10) Los Colibris
Price: $23 Lunch/ $35 Dinner
Note: Attended a media event here and thought the steak was good. If you are currently loving Mexican food like myself (I went to Mexico a few months ago and miss all the yummy food and drinks) try this place!

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