Interview: Bite Bar


Interview with founder of Bite Bar,  Nisha Amin-Agnihotri (pictured above).

I was initially invited to the media opening party but with foodie tears had to decline because I wasn’t feeling well. Darn immune system!

Fortunately, through Devon MacDonald and Meg Sethi of Evolution Public Relations, I was invited to briefly speak with Nisha in person and even sample some of Bite Bar’s customer favourites!

Nisha was very kind and friendly throughout our interview and I really enjoyed speaking with her, so please read on if you wish to hear more about Bite Bar and her advice for aspiring foodie entrepreneurs!

Could you give a brief explanation about Bite Bar for any foodies unfamiliar with the shop?
Bite Bar is your one stop shop for bite sized desserts. We offer dessert lovers the opportunity to indulge in their dessert cravings without the guilt. The idea is you can have just a bite that’s between 40-80 calories for a bite size cupcake and 100-120 calories for mini cheesecakes versus the 300 calories for a piece of regular cheesecake. We also provide a cocktail aspect as a social opportunity. Why not have a cocktail with friends or extend your date after dinner or movies?

Sounds yummy! However, what’s new on the food front for Bite Bar and are there any customer favourites foodies should try? 
We will be coming out with new holiday flavours like milk and chocolate chip cookies and are still working on a candy cane mint chocolate cheesecake flavour. Customer favourites are usually our signature Just Bite It!, Mocha Chocolate, Strawberry Bitecake, Cookies n’ Cream, Banana Splitz and the bite of this month, which is Chai Latte (pictured below).

I have heard a lot of buzz about Bite Bar, what has been your most memorable success?
This has been our funnest moments, having some local celebs posting pictures, coming into the store for our events and taking pictures, supporting us that way. The most memorable success though would be our interview on CTV Canada AM, being to the point where we were able to get on a national morning show to talk about our brand and cupcakes was great.

With success, there is bound to be difficulties. What problems have you encountered and are still facing?
Trying to figure out how to get as much of the word out. What’s the best way to talk to your demographic and continuously do events. Trying to get people to taste our food and talk about it. Get the word and the brand out.

Besides continuously improving media and public relations, what will be your next steps? 
We are definitely focusing on our holiday menu and gifting. So we are coming up with great packages for not only individuals but companies to start gifting Bite Bar for this season. Baskets for companies will start low as $30 up till $120 (which would include our herbal teas). We want to get heavier into catering as well, so it’s a huge part of our plan. We are also looking at ways to expand the business. Where is our next location going to be?

Lastly, what advice could you provide to future foodies looking to opening their own venture?
Do a proper business plan. If you love food that’s great but how are you going to get everybody else to love your food? What are you going to develop around your food or item that will have people coming through the doors? That’s really the challenge.


My Foodie Thoughts
Nisha was generous enough to let me sample the customer favourites I previously mentioned and a dessert inspired herbal tea. My favourite bites had to be the signature Just Bite It!, Cookies n’ Cream and Mocha Chocolate. Just Bite It! especially had strong flavours for me, with the first bite giving a strong vodka taste and the second more of a raspberry. As for the herbal teas, I chose their “Lychee” with caffeine to pair with the desserts. It was a nice black tea and not as sweet as you might think.

Overall, I would recommend this little bar to any of my friends and family. Just a warning, mornings at openings, lunch and late in the evening are generally busier times. Bite cupcake are $1 each, $5.50 for 6, $10.50 for 12 and $20 for 24.

Location: 57 Elm Street, Toronto ON
Telephone: (647) 907 – 4465
Hours: Monday to Friday: 11am to 6:30pm and Saturday: 1am to 7pm. Not open Sundays.

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