Hosting a Baby Shower!

This summer, I hosted my very first baby shower for one of my relatives! It was an intimate affair with less than 10 people and the mother-to-be gave me free reign over the planning. Sounds ideal? The only information I had to go on was she’s expecting a boy and I have a week to prepare it! A challenge for any party planner. Haha.

I love planning parties though and have experience planning large-scale events and social’s but on a limited budget and without any expectations, I did find myself stumped over themes and food for a while. So I wanted to write a post to help other foodies who might be in the same predicament.

After much debate, I decided to try a kind of French bistro theme. Light on the French aspect. Haha. My inspiration? A post about French inspired pink baby shower and for more themes, see this post on Martha Stewart’s website.


  • Helium Balloons
  • Flowers
  • White table-cloth and plates


  • Drinks – Sparkling water and David’s Tea.
  • Food – Homemade roast beef sandwiches, seafood miso noodles (added by another relative), and a cheese and crackers platter from Pusateri’s
  • Dessert: Tarts from Pusateri’s and Dufflet Pastries, croissants from Whole Foods, macarons from Nadège Patisserie, and a customized vanilla and chocolate layer cake from Dufflet Pastries.

Tip: If you plan on getting a customized cake, once you know the date for the shower I strongly recommend booking a cake as soon as possible!!

Activity Ideas:

  • Personalizing bibs or onesies (great gift idea too if your guests aren’t crafty inclined. I did this for bibs, if you wish to know how I did it please leave a comment).
  • Scrapbooking
  • Baby names (guests put suggestions in jar for mom to pick)
  • Messages for the baby (take pictures of guests holding a message for the baby. They can read them in the future)

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