I’m Back!

Hi readers, I’m back in Toronto!

Sorry for the late posting but for followers on Facebook and Twitter, you should know I have been back for a few weeks already. I will resume posting again during the first week of August.

I wanted to say thanks to all the readers who stayed with me during these past two months. I really appreciate it and am ever thankful for your continued support. As a special treat and an attempt to engage more of my loyal readers, I will be adding a few things for the upcoming month of August such as:

– An email interview with noted FoodPorn.net
– Coverage of TOFoodFest.com  and my thoughts on the event
– Foodie reviews from a guest blogger and my personal foodie friend, Helen. She has great taste and sometimes even I go to her for foodie recommendations. Haha. More details on her later…

Hope you enjoy reading about my foodie escapades. Keep up the foodie love~

Danthanh =)

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