~ Summerlicious 2012: My Top 10 Picks ~

1) Canoe
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/fRC6C
Note: What is a -licious event without Canoe? A must visit!!

2) Lai Wah Heen
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info:  http://goo.gl/hbhnU
Note: Lots of buzz. Been meaning to go…

3) Bymark
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/nifYF
Note: Located a few floors below Canoe, heard good things.

4) Kirei Sushi + Bar
Price: $15 Lunch/$25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/CtXed
Note: Lunch option looks like a good deal.

5) Colborne Lane
Price: $45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/AnENR
Note: Buzz with some mixed reviews. Might be worth a visit..

6) The Wine Bar
Price: $15 Lunch/$25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/col5p
Note: Surprisingly popular

7) Lucien
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/huxzf
Note: Consistent good reviews

8) Grappa Ristorante
Price: $25 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/wiRDR
Note: Like the Italian menu, Spaghetti alle Vongole anyone? 

9) Zucca Trattoria
Price: $35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/MqhfC
Note: Good reviews but order the Italian dishes

10) Anonna
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/RBsx8
Note: Good buzz but not popular. Possible unfound gem? 


1) ViBo
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: Info: http://goo.gl/uk5QL

2) Sassafraz
Price: $25 Lunch/$45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/nl8x2

3) Luma
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/4jsHD

4) PURE SPIRITS Oyster Bar
Price: $20 Lunch/$35 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/Hqvaq

5) Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Price: $45 Dinner
Info: http://goo.gl/mFGfs

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