Bier Market – King West ★★ 1/2

Price: $15-30+ depending on the meal

Met up with two other friends and decided to try Bier Market on King West. Hoped to find better service at this location than their Esplanade one. I had the poutine and fruli strawberry ale again and my friends ordered the wurst sampler together. The wurst sampler provides you 1 out of 3 options or to get all 3. Options: Hungarian smoked farmer’s sausage with sweet & smoky mustard OR Czech mustard sausage with fig & balsamic mustard OR Munich weisswurst sausage with triple crunch mustard. They chose to do all 3! Costs about $20. I got to nibble on it and its very tasty, so I would recommend it if you are looking to try something different.

Didn’t have much problems service-wise as well. Server was nice and polite. So can’t complain! Haha.

Dress code: Casual. For friends and co-workers but not really family (at least at night). They are known for their wide selection of beers and provide live entertainment late at night. Thus, typically anyone of legal age and older patron here.

Location: 600 King St. West, Toronto ON
Telephone: (416) 862 – 1175
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday – 11am to 1am and Thursday to Saturday – 11am to 2am

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