Lenny’s Panini & Pizza ★★★

Price: 10-15+ depending on meal

I was checking out places to order lasagna to feed 10-15 guests for my Birthday party and a friend of mine recommended Lenny’s. They know the owners and actually picked up my “30 pound food order” for me (haha, their words not mine!), so can’t comment on service or restaurant appearance. However, I believe I spoke to Lenny himself when I was making my order and he was very nice about accommodating me.  The lasagna is tasty with a thick layer of cheese on top and more layers of meat and noodles at the bottom (watch out if you have cholesterol problems)! Had my party over the weekend and I am still eating leftovers!! Haha.

If lasagna’s not for you, I would recommend their tiramisu and seafood salad. Yummy! Personally, my next order should I ever be in the area will be pizza!!

Website: N/A. Check out Urbanspoon: http://goo.gl/Xjmsp
Location: 4748 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON M9A 1A9
Telephone: (416) 239 – 2222
Hours: Not sure exactly but they are open after 4-4:30pm for dinner time.

Lenny's Panini & Pizza on Urbanspoon

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