The Salad King Curse

Why do I call it a curse?

It all started a few years ago, when Salad King was located across the street from where they are now. Unfortunately, the building caught on fire due to some kind of electric problem and just as they were reopening..the wall from the building above them collapsed. Luckily no one was seriously hurt but they experienced a few incidents during this time and took over a year to rebuild it, giving competitors like Asian Bowl a chance to attract their customers.

After this, they just decided to relocate and fortunately haven’t had any problems since. Salad King is still as popular as ever.

3 thoughts on “The Salad King Curse

  1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, very true! I actually remember that shoe store and have eaten at the sushi place you mentioned (the name escapes me, do you remember what it was?). The sushi place was nice enough, a bit over priced but food presentation was excellent.

    I think I was nearby when the building collapsed, a lot of people trying to pass through had to walk around that area and use an alternate path that led through a parking lot from a hotel close by.

  2. I think its old location (the entire corner of yonge and gould) is what’s really cursed. In the past 4 years, every single business that had opened there closed down in a matter of months. First there was a shoe store… lasted approximately 6 months. Then a sushi place… maybe 4 months. And to top it all off the building catches fire and collapses. Through all of this, Salad King never had a bad day… well until the restaurant was destroyed by the collapse.

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