Bier Market – The Esplanade ★ 1/2

Price: $15-30+ depending on meal

Two words: BAD SERVICE! In my TOP 5 WORST Service Experiences.

Came here with friends for a holiday get together. We made reservations for 14 people and confirmed this with the restaurant. Knowing this, they gave us a table that can fit 8-10 max and to figure out how to sit the remaining people ourselves. We couldn’t even get chairs! Waitress was so unhelpful, all I heard was “no i, sorry…unfortunately, no..” … you get my drift. I would provide a name but she wasn’t wearing a tag and actually, everyone was basically unhelpful. I managed to get 1 extra chair after asking repeatedly. I inquired to the waitress AGAIN, a staff member (who said she would find someone to help but never did) and finally a hostess (who must have sensed I was getting frustrated and might have asked for a manager if I didn’t get my chairs).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the company, food and music. Just not the service. I know we were a big group but I think the tip would have made up for the hassle? Also, there were so many extra chairs lying around I just wanted to grab one myself. I guess they were just trying to save them to fit in as many paying customers as possible. Though some of the chairs were still empty when I left the place. Anyway, whats more frustrating is that they wanted us to coat check too, charging $3 per coat and $5 if you place it together with someone. Sorry but this seemed like a rip off to me, its not a club but a restaurant & bar. I would assume that would be complimentary and if not, at least given as an option. Not basically forced to do it so we can have enough room to sit.

I am not totally writing this place off because everything else isn’t bad. The food, beer and band are okay. Band played later then expected though, started around 10:15pm instead of 9pm. I had the Market Poutine $13 and Fruli Strawberry Wheat Ale $6.42. Both which I liked and would try again. The poutine was very filling and the ale was almost sweet as juice. If I ever do come back, I might try the Delirium Tremens Ale $7.74. I recommend trying this place only if you are in the area and in the mood for pub food. However, come with very low expectations! Perhaps you will have better luck then I.

It gets really noisy and crowded later though, so not ideal for any romantic dates or meetings. Dress Code: No hoodies but a sweater and jean outfit should be fine.

Location: 58 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1A6
Telephone: (416) 862 – 7575
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday – 11am to 1am, Thursday to Saturday – 11am to 2am

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