Canoe Restaurant & Bar ★★★★★

Price: Over $50+

I have to say the best restaurant I have been to so far is Canoe and it continually has been so for the past few years. Canoe has great service, friendly staff and “foodie goodness” food. Haha. It is a place where you can pick anything off the menu, no matter what foreign names they use and still know the food will be good. With an exception to the watermelon soup, I am not a fan of that at all.

I highly recommend it because the restaurant itself is very nice and provides a scenic view of the C.N. Tower and lake. It is a good place for dates, lunches/dinners with your boss or coworkers. To get the maximum experience, I suggest when making reservations to ask for a table next to the window, preferably facing either the C.N. Tower or lake. Optimum times to eat should be in the afternoon/evening, during the sunset.

Location: 66 Wellington Street West, 54th Floor of TD Tower, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6
Telephone: (416) 364-0054
Hours: Monday to Friday: 11:45am to 10:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: closed for private events

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