Any restaurants listed here are personally blacklisted by me.
I blacklist any restaurant where I get sick more than once eating there. Please feel free to list any restaurants that have made you sick so that I may be forewarned too.

Made in China
With Made in China, I gave this restaurant two chances and that was enough for me.

First time I went was with a group of friends, on a recommendation from someone who says it’s their favourite place to go. I had wonton soup and fried rice, which after coming home I immediately got sick from. The second time I ate here was with a different friend and I had their special “fried noodles with beef” that a waiter personally recommended as their favourite dish. Luckily I didn’t get sick eating this but the meal wasn’t even cooked! Noodles were hard and it was luke warm.

Finally, my friend who ate with me on my second attempt actually went back again because they didnt get sick and thought I was just being dramatic… only to get sick after eating there again.

Therefore, people eat there at your own risk!

Location: 371 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

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