Pho Hung – Spadina Ave. ★★★1/2

Price: Under $15

This restaurant is from the same chain as the one on Bloor Street. However, I think the people who run this Spadina location are better. Pho tastes better and utensils tend to be cleaner. If you are in the mood for Pho, I recommend this place. I’ve always like it here. Keep in mind I almost always order Pho here – specifically the rare beef with beef balls called “Pho Tai Bo Vien”. Yummy! Their fried spring rolls are not bad either. However, stay away from their shrimp cakes!! My friend ordered it and we were surprised to see it was literally a shrimp on top of a bun (not appetizing in the least).

The place tends to be really packed during the evening and tables are put close together to allow for maximum seating. Still, you dont go here for the atmosphere (loud and crowded) but for the food. JUST TRY IT!

Website: Not Available.
Location: 350 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON, M5T2G4
Telephone: (416) 593-4274

Pho Hung on Urbanspoon

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