Spring Rolls – Dundas & Yonge ★★★

Price: $15-20+

Spring Rolls is not bad. Good place to go if you want a casual lunch/dinner. Has relatively good service, nice layout and okay food. Bit over priced though. For instance, Har Gow is $3.99 for only 4 pcs.

I like their fried rice and fried noodle dishes, especially with seafood. It is a bit heavy on the sauce though. I hear good things about their mango salad, fish dishes and some of the soups too.

As for their “famous” pad thai, it has too much ketchup/ketchup flavour? for my tastes. I prefer Salad King’s Phud Thai dish. Stay away from Spring Rolls Vietnamese dishes like Pho. Go to an actually Vietnamese restaurant if you want good Pho. Hint: the worst (appearance-wise) and crowded it is, the more likely the food is actually good. Try Chinatown area.

The one thing I can TOTALLY recommend and love is the F.B.I (Fried Banana with Ice Cream)!! Ice cream availble in vanilla, green tea or coconut. Their smoothies are good as well. Can’t go wrong with passion fruit, mango or strawberry.

Website: http://www.springrolls.ca/home.php
Location: 40 Dundas St. West, Toronto ON M5B 1R4
Telephone: (416) 585 – 2929
Hours: Monday to Saturday – 11am to 11pm, Sunday – 12pm to 11pm/Patio

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3 thoughts on “Spring Rolls – Dundas & Yonge ★★★

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