Ninki Restaurant ★

Price: Under $30 for all you can eat.

Located underground of the Scotia Plaza, I had dinner with a friend for all you can eat and the only thing I liked was their restaurant layout with flower wallpaper and cute décor. Food service was decent but slow.

A general rule of thumb for sushi restaurants is if they mess up California maki rolls, something is seriously wrong and you should move on. They didn’t taste very fresh and were room temp. This also applied to their salmon sashimi. A few things I tried were acceptable though, such as unagi sushi, ebi sushi, ebi tempura roll and BBQ eel hand roll.

Overall, they have a lot to improve in terms of the food. If you do happen on this place, I can only recommend ordering from their regular menu. If you want all you can eat, look elsewhere.

Location: 40 King Street West, Scotia Plaza Concourse Level
Monday to Friday (11:00 am to 9:00 pm)
All you can eat Monday to Friday (4pm – 9pm)

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