NAMI Restaurant ★★★

Price: $30+ depending on how much you order.

Sushi costs $6-7 for 2pcs and sashimi costs $8-12 for 3pcs. I went with a relative and found the food and restaurant layout to be okay. Though they have smaller tables for diners, there are also small rooms. In each room there are two tables available inside, so it is more ideal for two people.

Nami is a nice place to eat with friends or a casual co-worker gathering. However, I do not recommend it for business power lunches or dinners because it is not formal enough.

We had spicy tuna roll, salmon sushi, California roll, ebi sushi and tofu soup. They tasted good but I found it a bit too room temp.

Bill was close to $50 with tip for the 2 of us. So if you can afford it, go for it. Good place to eat sushi. Just stay away from their green tea crème brûlée dessert, which I tried because I was curious. It tasted more like pudding and was too liquid for me.

Location: 55 Adelaide East, Toronto Ontario, M5C 1K6
Telephone: (416) 362-4745
Hours: Monday to Friday – Lunch (11:45am-2:30pm), Dinner (5:30 -10:30pm), Saturday (5:30 -10:30pm) and Sunday (CLOSED)

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