Kyoto House ★★

Price: $18.99 + tax for ACYE dinner. $11.99 for AYCE lunch.

NOTE* lunch menu may have a smaller selection then dinner.

I have frequented this place a lot because it was close and convenient for me. I recommend going for just AYCE (all you can eat) dinners because I generally eat here for the dragon rolls and my friend has frequented the place enough she’s basically considered a regular. Haha.

My usual order is the miso soup, dragon rolls, shrimp tempura, spicy salmon sushi, salmon sushi, unagi sushi, shrimp tempura and green tea ice cream for dessert. Not a total fan of how they do salmon sashimi, salmon rose, vegetable tempura rolls though.

Beware of the service here though; servers can be downright rude (unless you’re a regular like my friend and even that’s spotty). They frequently forget if you ask for something in the middle of dining so its better to order everything in one go.

They do offer delivery service though and for large groups they have 2 separate rooms. Nothing fancy but good for a casual lunch/dinner with a large group.

Website: N/A
Location: 143 Dundas West, Toronto Ontario M5G 1C5
Telephone: (416) 585-2223

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