Barberians Steakhouse ★★★★

Price: 50+

Went here with a friend awhile back for lunch. It is pricey, but was it worth it? YES! We both got the 16 oz. Rib Steak that they are apparently famous for – recommended to me by the waiter. I had mine with mashed potatoes while my friend had onion rings (they are huge).

I thought the service was very good but it might have been because we went so early (there was no one there at the time) but I liked that we had the waiter’s undivided attention and received such fast service. I was actually worried at first since the whole floor was empty but it was all for naught as I enjoyed my perfectly cooked medium-rare steak. Haha

Note: The washrooms are tiny and the restaurant itself is very traditional in design. Great for family dinners, dates and corporate dinners.

Location: 7 Elm Street, Toronto M5G 1H1
Telephone: (416) 597-0335
Hours: Monday to Friday – 12 to 2:30pm and 5pm to 12am, Saturday and Sunday – 4:30pm to 12am

Barberian's Steak House on Urbanspoon

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